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[…] Why have your peers dropped out of college? Source […]

Also, my lab was run by an iron fist and yet neither fist spoke enough English to avoid confusion. If college was really about learning instead of watching teachers murder students with bullshit I’d be doing just fine. (Also, I managed a A- in the chemistry class so it’s not like I’m failing)

Essays on students dropping out of school glance around eyed the tytans warily.

I should know, I was given a job offer right after high school to work at a small tech corporation in Oregon. I declined and decided to go to the local university thinking I’d get a better job after school. WRONG! I was burned out after my first year and only kept going to get that stupid piece of paper. After getting my Associates, I eventually got the nerve to ask the company and they were DELIGHTED!
I was given the same opportunity, but at a cost because now I had student loans to pay off. I was also p*ssed because I had learned more during high school years from books and the Internet than my few years of college.

Well… I have dropped out of college.

I knew two people who dropped out because they played too much “World of Warcraft”.

I’m thinking about dropping out next year and transferring somewhere else (a city, instead of a small town with a self contained campus) and going to school part time and working too, so I can graduate, but college isn’t my whole life anymore.

And I can put up with it if I need to, it’s not a question of willpower, but I think I could grow more as a person outside of school, and if that’s true, why am I making myself miserable here? Not to mention going into debt at a couple thousand dollars a semester (and THAT’s with most of my tuition paid by financial aid, college costs are disgusting).

Some words of wisdom for anyone still thinking about dropping out:

I’ve dropped out (just stopped going) because of reason #1 #2 #3 and #4.

My advice to you: don’t believe in the college lie you’ve been told all your life. Because that’s what it is. An outright lie. Like Joseph Goebells said, make the lie big and repeat it over and over, and people will believe it. There is no proof whatsoever anywhere that a college education increases your long term income or will make you happy. There’s an ocean of people out there unemployed with college degrees… making nothing going to job interview after job interview, compared to the beggars on the street who bust their but every day earning an income. If anything, its the fast track to becoming deep in an ocean of debt.

From 2000 to 2009, college costs skyrocketed 450% or 4.5x, while dinishing in value. When everyone has a college degree, they become less worthwhile to have. Worse, do a google search on “PhD glut”. Why work your ass off for 12 years in High School, and then fork over $200,000 to a college to turn your brain into mush, only to become a drone to military industrial complex or an economic slave. You’ll be working 50 weeks out of the year, with only 2 weeks vacation. What kind of life is that? Its no life. Its death. Death in exchange for money, and not very much money at all.

You are ALL so Full of your selves??? College is WAY better than droping out~! GET A LIFE
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I dropped out of college for two simple reasons:

i agree with all of the ones i read. i was a freshman at a private school and dropped out after thanksgiving because i was so overwhelmed with the homework and exams coming up that i just decided to quit. high school did not prepare me at all. what so ever. and they always say ‘make sure to have the college experience’ well you cant have friends and homework. it just doesnt work. at least not for me. and all the other colleges i have looked at seem to be money pits…i’ve just given up on school…everyone is so pressured to go to college. and i believe in 10-15 years when every has degrees but no one can get a job what good will that do? the people that are telling us to go to college are the ones that lived during a time when it was rare that you got to go. times have changed and America needs to learn to be hard workers again.

I dropped out of college 3 times.

I am a long way into college.. about 3.5 years and about to complete my BA in Science of Business. The initial reason for dedicating myself to attending college was to prepare myself for competitive jobs with mid to high level pay.
But it seemed that the 1st year I made less $ and the following even less. Well, I am a business major and what I have learned throughout the many courses was everything but how to attain these jobs that I disillusioned myself with.
Per the previous post I think I could be categorized as “a guy who just chose the wrong major”. Or does the issue of disconnect come into play because I completed these courses online. Not sure but I am seriously reconsidering opting out of completing the rest of my education and focusing more on a potential business that I wanted to launch for some time.

Why Do Students Drop Out of School - Mega Essays

I am currently a senior double majoring in marketing and finance at a well respected university. I had to take off two semesters due to unfortunate circumstances. I also changed my major from Pre-law. I also messed up my first semester in college by partying wayyyyy to hard(I ended my first semester with a .64 gpa: C,D,WF,F,and F). I was not prepared for college and being out on my own with no curfew was a true testimate, which I failed miserably. After all that aforementioned stuff, it has put me 2 years behind. I graduated HS in 2007 and started college S ’08.

Causes of High School Dropouts Essay - 364 Words

I spent the first four years post high school serving in the Navy. When I left the military I began college at the community level, and after about three semesters I have concluded that college is not really for me. First off, I feel I have learned more in the Navy then I can possibly learn in any college. Second, I have discovered I learn new things actually working in the field for which those things apply. This is a facet that is missing whole sale from the college experiance. Math classes are a great example of this. Why is math hard to students?? It is one of the few subjects taught with little to no connection to real world applications, aside from scant boring text book examples. Work experiance should be valued the same as college credits. Another huge learning resource…the internet. Todays youth can learn more about everything from the internet then they could most colleges. I now go to U of Google.

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