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Sonnet 75 by Edmund Spenser Essay Examples

But Spenser didn't just write epics. In addition to writing The Faerie Queen, he wrote a whole sequence of sonnets called Amoretti (of which "Sonnet 75" is a part, obviously). Spenser did two pretty sweet and inventive things with his sonnet sequence. First, he created a variation on the sonnet form that we now refer to as "the Spenserian sonnet" (see the "" section for the formal deets). He also turned the traditional sonnet themes totally upside down. Before Spenser, almost all sonnet sequences were about unrequited love. (Sob!) But Spenser decided to lighten things up a bit, and his Amoretti tell the story of his successful courtship of and marriage to his wife, Elizabeth Boyle. Spenser paved the way for hundreds of years of happy sonnets.

Sonnet 75 is taken from Edmund Spenser’s poem Amoretti which was published in 1595

"Sonnet 75" is one of Spenser's most famous sonnets. It's about the ocean, love, and immortality, It's also about the great power of the almighty Poetry (yes, with a capital P). What poet, or reader of poems, can resist a poem that insists upon poetry's power? None that we can find.

Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 75

Analysis and paraphrase of Sonnet 75 - So are you to my thoughts as food to life.

So, here's the takeaway from Spenser's "Sonnet 75": if you've got the poetry skills, people will be reading your sonnets 400 years into the future. And if all goes as planned, we think that there's more than immortality in your future; we think there will be a make-out session or two (or three), if your poems are good enough. Take a page out of Spenser's playbook and get writing, nerds.

Spenser, looking back over these alternatives, decided that concatenation offered thebest rhyme scheme, but also that the quatrain-couplet strategy gave him the mostflexibility to tell a complex poetic "story" within each poem. So most of the sonnets rhyme in this concatenated stanza form: . The chained linkage of his quatrains allowed them either to evolvelogically from one another, or to suddenly wheel logically against the previous quatrainwhile turning on the "axle" of the concatenated rhyme. For an example of the cumulative logical development strategy, see the first sonnet inthe sequence, especially For an example of theopposition or reversal strategy, see number seventy-five, especially the couplet'sopposition of "subdew" (with its outrageously spelled pun on the waters thatsubmerged the poets beach combing words) and "renew" (with its implied linkageof the lovers' souls via the wedding sacrament to their resurrection at the lastjudgment).The "Epithalamion" is composed in 24 immensely complex 18-line stanzas whose rhymeschemes vary but use Spenser's typical concatenation strategy to link each stage of thestanza together. A. Kent Hieatt's (1960) demonstratedthat each of the 24 stanzas corresponds to an hour of Midsummer's Day, very nearly the dayon which Spenser married Elizabeth Boyle (6/11/1594). Thus, the wedding poem is acompressed version of the larger cyclic view of the love we see in Amoretti. Eachstanza but the last ends with some form of the phrase "your/our/theyre Ecchoring," a repeated refrain that enacts the process of echoing which it describes, butas the echo changes from early morning through mid-day and into the night, the echoes fadeinto "not your/our/theyre Eccho ring" and "Ne...nor your/our/theyre Ecchoring." At the poem's "midnight," in stanza 24, the speakerapologizes for"ornaments" (presents?) that should have arrived. He tells readers that this poem substitutes them,for making "for short time an endlesse moniment" (433). Characters: The poet's persona (very closely linked to Edmund Spenser,himself) and the poet's beloved (very closely linked to Elizabeth Boyle, who marriedSpenser in 1594, the year before these poems were published).

Sonnet 18 vs. Sonnet 75 Essay - 1079 Words | Bartleby

Shakespeare Sonnet 75 - So are you to my thoughts as …

In Sonnet 75, Spenser writes in metrically regular lines which make great use of alliteration: "waves and washed", "wrote it with", "paynes his pray", "dy in dust", "verse your vertues", "Where whenas", "love shall live" and "later life".

To go to the Edmund Spenser Homepage at Cambridge, click . As of 2011, most of its links to electronicversions of Spenser's major works are broken, but it does host discussion lists and other material tosupport Spenser studies. To read the Renaissance Editions online edition of Amoretti and Epithalamion based on Ponsonby's 1595 editio princeps, click.

The text and analysis of Shakespeare's sonnet 75. The poet's passion is at its most intense.
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