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1Some of these simple machines combined create compound machines.

But I think initial ‘concepts’ or ideas are always over-rated. My starting points are usually quite simple – the fun and skill is in the making. Once I’ve started any machine I get completely absorbed in the research, and today Google images and Youtube make research such fun. So over the months in workshop any initial basic idea, however bad, gets constantly embellished and usually turns out OK.

Before I tell you about that, I should introduce the names of all six simple machines.

In the discussion of first law machines I stated that such machines work only until they exhaust their initial supply of energy. For example, the out-of-balance wheel will turn until friction exhausts its initial supply of kinetic energy. However, what if we can make a machine that has no friction? If we provide it with a push, then it can spin without violating any law of thermodynamics, and without friction it will spin forever. Therefore we have a perpetual motion machine, provided that we not try to extract useful work from it. Fortunately no one has ever been able to escape dissipation of some sort--friction, viscosity, electrical resistance-- in any machine or process operating on principles of classical physics. This dissipation means, in effect, that a machine rejects heat to some reservoir--a bearing, resistor, lubricant--above absolute zero. Proposing frictionless machines constitutes proposing machines of the third kind.

Intro: Easy essay on working of simple machines Hydraulic Machines.

Complex machines are systems of simple machines used together to get work done....

This lesson is part of the unit "Work, power, and machines." In this lesson, students will conceptually and quantitatively explore ideal and actual mechanical advantage with three simple machines: the lever (second- and third-class), the inclined plane, and the pulley.

His main focus was lever, pulley, and screw and he was also the first to grasp the concept of mechanical advantage in the lever.
Later Greek philosophers discovered wedge and wheel and axle, which put with the first three was considered "the classic five simple machines."
Although the most simple, inclined plane was the last to the list of six simple machines, as it was not recognized as one until the Renaissance.

The Advantage of Machines A Simple Solution for the Circus ..

Wheel and Axle Screw The screw was one of the last of the six simple machines to be invented.

Something else that I had noticed about zeroth-law machines, but which I didn't see as important until I recently found something written about zeroth law machines11 is how similar they are to second law machines. For example, if we cover up all of the details concerning my hypothetical zeroth law machine except the work output of the heat engine, then the zeroth law machine looks exactly like a machine that withdraws heat from a reservoir, performs work, and does nothing else. In other words, it looks like a second law machine. If it is possible to build a zeroth law machine, then it is possible to build a second law machine.

Figure 5 shows an extremely simplified analysis of an ideal engine; one that physicists and engineers call a Carnot engine. In the four segments that make its cycle, the engine absorbs heat, does external work, expels heat, and finally absorbs some of its own capacity for work as it returns to its initial state. It represents the most efficient heat engine possible, which is why Rudolph Diesel purposely designed his engine to approximate this cycle. I'll return to this figure when I discuss third law machines.

Simple machines consist of levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, screws, wheel and axles, and gears.
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The Importance Of Simple Machines - Expertscolumn

AMA= Fr/Fe

Efficiency- The amount of work put into a machine compared to how much useful
work is put out by the machine; always between 0% and 100%.

Friction- The force that resist motion between two surfaces that are touching
each other.

What do we use for?

Machines are used for many things.

Pulleys - Simple Machines - What are pulleys? How do pulleys work?

I made an entertaining misstep when I once tried to enlist the help of a machine shop to build a 'perpetual motion' machine. I was head of an engineering transfer program at the time, and I wanted a corridor demonstration that would be intriguing to the public. I thought of a machine that would appear to run without an obvious source of power, but which in fact derived power from a well disguised coil which absorbed energy from the building wiring. I drew up plans and delivered portions to a local machine shop. The owner of the machine shop pointed to a bearing in the plans and asked what type it was.

12.1 Describes six types of simple machines

Today, my main business is running a small amusement arcade on a seaside pier in the UK (The Under The Pier Show, Southwold Pier). It’s unusual because all the machines are home-made, mostly by me. I feel very lucky to have it. Anytime I can go down to the pier and see people enjoying using my machines and having a good time. This keeps me working, encouraging me to make the next machine.

This essay about my machines and how I work ..

Imagine moving a cart full of groceries around the supermarket in a cart with no wheels. The wheel and axel together as a working part is an example of a simple machine that makes it easier to perform tasks by using less force. You will explore the concept of mechanical advantage and how it is used to describe a factor of force required to perform tasks. You will also learn how to calculate mechanical force using the radius in a wheel and axel simple machine.

Definition of Mechanical Advantage and Simple Machines ..

I also feel as if I have limitless territory. Today’s world is full of machines with amazing software and simple physical interfaces, but very few machines are the other way round. Physical, electromechanical machines with a bit of software wizardry like the ones I make remain largely unexplored territory.

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