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Example essay on Age Discrimination.

Racism and discrimination continue to be a significant problem in today’s workforce. While there are laws in effect to help protect citizens from discrimination of any kind, it is still a problem when so many cases are not brought to the forefront. There are cases of discrimination so complex they have been reviewed by some of the highest toughest court jurisdictions. There are citizens that feel it is shameful when you cannot get a job because of your race or your gender. We all have similar needs to tend to each day, but dealing with each other’s differences is becoming more and more of a waste of time due to ignorance.

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One can see that the affirmative action policy envisioned in 1964 has been updated because of many landmark court cases and government mandates. The affirmative action of today does not call for non-discrimination, but requires strict adherence to a policy of anti-discrimination. The current anti-discrimination policy includes the verbiage to prohibit reverse discrimination. It might be in our federal government’s best interest to discover a new, less politically adverse, term for the new anti-discrimination policies.

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If there were not enough racial tension in the air, the general public’s idea of affirmative action brings about additional tension and/or hostility. There are several racist groups in the United States of America that are simply looking for an excuse to start another civil war. While everyone is concerned with terrorists overseas, these groups are plotting and devising their own revolutions. Affirmative action not only feeds the fires, but also adds to the height of racism. Victims of reverse discrimination will often become racist in defense of their own needs. Unfortunately this much too frequent occurrence creates the very thing that affirmative action was designed to eliminate. The answer to these racial tensions is in unification – not segregation. The goal must be to become one society with equal people regardless of color, sex, or religious preference.

Our respondents understood that the often high level of racialized stress in workplaces has generated or aggravated their physical health problems. Most recognize the threat discrimination brings to their health, and most try hard to fight it and its consequences. Not surprisingly in the light of the data from the focus groups, a growing public health literature indicates that there are wide disparities in the physical health of white Americans and African Americans, as well as in the application and use of medical services. A full understanding of the physical and psychological suffering of black Americans at the hands of white Americans necessitates a close look at the character and impact of the discriminatory workplaces as they are experienced by workers. Sentient human beings react seriously, in their minds and bodies, to mistreatment and discrimination. The recurring and dehumanizing discrimination creates, among other things, marginalization, impotent despair, and rage over persisting injustice.

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Affirmative action Legislation and Regulation
To delve into the legislation and jurisprudence of the past few decades is, in itself, an insight into the need for clear, concise communication. The first major race-conscious legislation was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act prohibited discrimination in employment, public accommodations, education, and by programs which receive financial assistance from the federal government. Title VII was the section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 governed race-conscious employment efforts. In 1965, Congress enacted the Voting Rights Act, which prohibited discrimination against minority voters and required areas with a racially discriminatory history in voting to gain approval prior to changing their voting systems. In 1968, Congress enacted the Fair Housing Act to prohibit discrimination with respect to housing. Congress passed the (a) Equal Opportunity Act of 1972 and (b) Title IX in 1972, which (a) required federal agencies to publish affirmative action plans and (b) prohibited gender discrimination in any educational programs that received financial assistance from the federal government. In 1980, Congress enacted the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act, which prohibited discrimination based on prior institutionalization. Congress enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, which prohibited discrimination based on disability with regards to employment, public programs, transportation, public accommodations, and communication facilities. Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1991, which overturned previous Supreme Court decisions that had collapsed basic civil rights protections. (1)

For years there were events such as the civil rights movement and protests that highlight problems that include equality for all people. There are people who feel they are entitled to work because they have the skills, not because they fit the physical character of who they think should be doing the job. There are more employers taking a stand in helping qualified people get hired and provide procedures for them to follow if they sense discrimination on the job. At the same time, it makes tackling to subject more difficult when acts of discrimination go unreported or parties involved are unpunished.

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Affirmative action is an issue closely related to cultural diversity. It affects the entire employed and unemployed population of the United States. Affirmative action continues to demonstrate that it causes more harm than good. Affirmative action was created to eliminate discrimination in the workplace. Instead, it has created reverse discrimination and caused more problems than it has resolved. It has also caused a great deal more qualified personnel to be replaced by less qualified minority workers. This creates internal strife, lower efficiency in the workplace, and increased racial hostility. It is the intent of this paper to show the effects of reverse discrimination, legal issues and regulations related to reform, and alternatives to Affirmative action.

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Reverse Discrimination: A Result of Affirmative action
Reverse discrimination is one of the problems that affirmative action creates. By creating an unequal opportunity playing field it has brought hiring on the basis of merit to its knees. Substituting one race for another just so that companies can have the appearance of political correctness is no answer for this situation. In order for racial equality to exist it must be equal not reversed. A case in point, a white male applied for a government position at a National Guard equipment maintenance site in Louisiana. He did not receive the position. He was told that the reason he was not hired was due to the fact that a black man had applied to the same position and that, in order to hire him instead of the black applicant, they would have to write a nine page essay to relate why they did not hire the minority applicant. That is a perfect example of reverse discrimination.

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Some literature suggests a "declining significance of race," and an increasing importance of class, in regard to the situation of African Americans nationally. Other more recent research goes further to assert the "end of racism" in U.S. society today. Our research flatly contradicts both the assertion that racial discrimination is being replaced by class discrimination, and that racism has been substantially or entirely eradicated. While both class and racial characteristics have been shown to interact and cause health problems for African Americans, our interviews with relatively affluent African Americans demonstrate that racism alone is enough to create serious health problems for them. A racialized society exists because discrimination is practiced, rewarded, or ignored within important social settings such as historically white workplaces. Our data and that of other recent studies undertaken by the authors and other scholars indicate that discrimination by white Americans targeting African Americans is still commonplace in a variety of arenas, including government and corporate workplaces.

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Much research on racial relations focuses on the attitudes of those who discriminate rather than on the suffering inflictedon the targets of discrimination. A fleshed-out perspective on discrimination directs us to pay attention to particular social settings and to the consequences of racial discrimination in such settings. Recurring discrimination in workplaces and elsewhere wastes human beings and human capital and seriously restricts and marginalizes its victims, destroying the possibility of completely normal lives. This discrimination is so dehumanizing that in discussing it some black workers even make reference to the "slave-master mentality" of discriminating whites and to "feeling like a slave" in white workplaces. By marginalizing and dehumanizing black workers, whites cause them and their loved ones much damage, pain, and suffering. According to the accounts of the respondents, the damage takes many forms. The negative impact of racial animosity and discrimination includes a sense of threat at work, lowered self- esteem, rage at mistreatment, depression, the development of defensive tactics, a reduction in desire for normal interaction at work, and other psychological problems.

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